Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to Throw a Last Minute Kentucky Derby Party

It's almost here - the most exciting two minutes in sports!
That's right! It's the first weekend in May which means that it is time for the Kentucky Derby.

It's not too late to throw a fun get together for your family and friends.  Just follow all or some of the simple ways below to celebrate the day:

1.  Serve a Derby Inspired Menu
Head to the grocery store and pick up a pie (if you're feeling fancy, you can bake a Derby Pie) and some sweet tea.  Of course, no Kentucky Derby would be complete without some mint juleps, the traditional Kentucky Derby drink.  In fact, those might be all you need. ;)

2.  Dress the part!
Have a festive and fancy time by asking your guests to sport their Southern best.  Seersucker suits for the gentleman and pretty dresses for the gals.
Ladies, this is the perfect opportunity to sport that big, colorful hat or fascinator that you've always wanted to.  Have fun with the kiddos by creating a hat decorating station.  Just grab some plain straw hats (Hobby Lobby or the Target $1 Spot usually has some) and provide flowers, streamers, and glue. They will have a blast doing this activity while the grown-ups enjoy each other's company

3.  Transform Your Home Into Churchill Downs.
There are a few little things that you can do to make race day at your place extra special.  
Start by hanging some pennant banners.  You can make your own with red paper triangles on ribbon.  For tablecloths and napkins, choose a variety of colors as a nod to the jockeys' "silks." Centerpieces are easy! Pick up some "The Run for the Roses" roses from the florist and some small trophies from the dollar store.  
You can set the scene for your guests by playing some bluegrass or Dixieland tunes in the background on Pandora.  Good music always helps to get a party going!

4.  Place Your Bets!
Post a board with the odds for each horse and take bets.  Another fun way to do this is to have everyone pick a horse's name out of a hat to root for.  Whoever chooses the horse that wins will get a small prize.  A bottle of Kentucky bourbon or a homemade pie are great prize choices!

5.  Have Fun With the Day!
The race itself is only around two minutes.  Since it is over in a flash, plan some other fun activities to do.  
Horseshoe and cornhole in the backyard are great ideas.  Or you can have a Run for the Roses Stick Horse Derby.  That's a fun one for the kids - it's up to you if you want to wager on them or not ;)
As the evening winds down, you can screen a horse-themed movie such as Seabiscuit, The Black Stallion, or Flicka.
Plus, don't forget to host a hat contest!  Gives prizes away for The Biggest, The Best, The Ugliest, and The Most Creative.

For more party ideas, check out the Official Kentucky Derby website.
Watch the Kentucky Derby Live on NBC at 3pm Central.

You never know, a Derby Day Party may just become an annual tradition that you and your friends look forward to each year!

Have a great Derby Day, ya'll!

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