Monday, August 17, 2015

A Firestone Tradition

One of our favorite company picnics that we have had the pleasure of hosting is Firestone.
Prior to having their event at Faulkner's Ranch, they held it at a shelter where they were in charge of set up, clean up, cooking, and entertainment. That was a tremendous amount of work on their part. Thankfully they found a turn-key solution here at Faulkner's Ranch that allowed them to still bring their employees and families together annually, without all of the hassle that went into planning a picnic at a shelter. By allowing us here at Faulkner's to take care of everything, it allowed them more time to manage their tire company. They got to focus on their business, while we go to put together an exciting company picnic for them!

Firestone truly values their company picnic, so it was a great joy for us to be able to make their picnics the best they'd ever had.
These are some our favorite photos from one of their picnics here at the ranch.
This one had a lot of fun activities that were enjoyable for all ages!

For this event, we chose to bring in a balloon artist for the kids. This guy was incredible!

Have you ever seen such awesome balloon creations?!
Even our Ranch J, Ted, got in on the balloon action. We loved his microphone!

Speaking of our Ranch J - these guys do a wonderful job in leading all of the games at our picnics. And let us tell ya, folks - Firestone brought the heat to this one! This was one of the best tug-of-wars we've ever seen!

Some of their other favorite activities of the day were the water balloon toss...
...and of course, the roller roper!

The youngins had a ton of fun with the hula hoop contest...

...and of course, face painting was a hit!

No company picnic would be complete without visiting our petting farm animals.

At this one we had a very special new member of the farm family - Stormy!

It was a hot day, so everyone really enjoyed cooling off in the sprinklers between activities!

We should also mention that Firestone did a fantastic job with their prizes by giving away some awesome gift cards.  You can't go wrong with gift cards.

We are so glad that Firestone chose to switch up their tradition and party with us at Faulkner's!
We had such a great time with this awesome group!

For more information on our Company Picnic Packages, click on over to our website.

Have a great day, y'all!

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