Monday, November 7, 2011

Helpful Hedge Apples

This time of the year it isn't uncommon to find a bunch of hedge apples on the ground.
You know the things we're talking about!
They are bumpy, green, and as it turns out - totally useful!
So before you toss them in the trash the next time you're raking, read up on some of their helpful uses.

Folklore provides numerous claims that hedge apples work great as an insect repelleant.  Placing hedge apples around the foundation of your house or inside the basement has been said to provide relief from cockroaches, spiders, boxelder bugs, crickets and other pests.

In addition to working as a natural pest control, they also can be used as colorful fall decor.  Group several in a bowl for an interesting centerpiece.

Or you can do this creative idea that we found at  They used hedge apples to make a unique fall garland.
Click here for instructions.

A Few Other Facts:
Hedge apples are not poisonous.  They are safe to have in your home because they are non-toxic for pets.
A hedge apple's average lifespan can last from 2 to three months when kept inside.  Some even claim that they will last during the entire winter season.  Although some hedge apples will develop spots at an early stage, don’t worry about discarding them until most of the green has disappeared.

Do you have any other uses for hedge apples? Have you used them in our home? Send your stories our way! We would love to share them!

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