Friday, February 10, 2012

DIY "Good Ol' Roll in the Hay" Coupon

This time of the year everyone is trying to think of a creative gift for their special Valentine.
Well look no further! We have just the one you need!
(And you'll  both enjoy it too...)

A Coupon for a Good Ol' Roll in the Hay!
Get it? A ROLL in the HAY?
We told you it was a Do It Yourself project!
Hey, who says we can't get a little raunchy at the ranch?
To make this you will need:
A few Tootsie Rolls (your "roll")
Some yellow or natural colored raffia (your "hay")
A bag or container
The coupon card
We bought all of these materials at JoAnn's. We love it there because
a) all of their Valentine's stuff is on sale already and
b) we can use multiple coupons on the stuff that isn't marked down yet.
(By the way, be sure you download the JoAnn app for your smart phone if you're going shopping! It is always updating with new coupons.)
The costs for our materials were...
Candy: Reg. $2.99, 25% off, total $2.24
Raffia: Reg. 1.99, 40% off coupon, $1.19
Valentine's Box: Reg. 1.49, 50% off, $.74
So, this project came to a grand total of...*drum roll please*...4.17
And it could be even cheaper depending on what you have lying around your house? After all, you can use anything, even a clear plastic baggie, to put it in!

First, cut your raffia into small pieces about 1.5" to 3" long like so...
This will be your "hay."

Place your hay into your container, whatever it may be, and put a few Tootsie Rolls in there.  Make sure that you can see them from the outside.

Now print off your coupon.  You can use the text from our sample below or you can write your own!
And who says it has to be for Valentine's Day? Why not make one for every week of the year?! ;o)

Now give it to your special cowboy and get ready to have some fun!

Here's to a good time!

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