Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 Adorable Ranch Birthday Party Favors

Trying to think of the perfect party favors for your upcoming Pony Party?
Here are 5 ideas that are sure to make your little cowboys and cowgirls leave with a huge smile on their face!
( sure to stay tuned because coming up real soon we're going to show you how you can make some of these yourself!)

1.  Western Wear
We're talking hats, bandannas, and sheriff's badges, folks!  Give these to your little cowpokes as they arrive to help them get into the spirit of the Wild, Wild West!  Then let them take them home as an awesome keepsake of a fun-filled day!

2.  Stick Horses
It is a PONY party after all!

3. Crayons
Crayons are always a safe way to go! Try to find a kid that doesn't love coloring?  Plus, now you can get them in super cute crayon satchels or in awesome shapes!

4.  A Party Mix CD
Keep the party going even after they leave by giving them a CD of the birthday boy or girl's favorite tunes! You can even give the CD's a country flair with some bandanna themed scrapbooking paper for the cover!

5.  Treats
Everyone loves a yummy goodie bag!

Now we want to know, which one would you pick for your Pony Party?

Have a great day ya'll!

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  1. Love love love the toy digger with reese's and caution tape bow!


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