Saturday, June 6, 2015

Meet Pumpkin!

Howdy y’all!
We think it’s about time that we formally introduce one of our favorite furry friends here at Faulkner’s Ranch.  After all, she does appear on our Instagram at least a few times a week, so ya might as well learn how she became such a wonderful part of our ranch family.

Meet Pumpkin the Barn Cat!
Oh, sweet Pumpkin! Where to even begin?  She is everyone’s favorite and has THE BEST personality.  She is like a dog in a cat’s body (no offense to cats!).  She follows the ranch hands around the ranch and will actually obey when they ask her to stay outside the banquet barn and kitchen as they go in and out (she’s very polite).  She is also very confident.  When she walks into a room, she automatically assumes that everyone is glad to see her. Guess what? She’s right!  Whenever we hear the bell from her collar jingling we get excited because we know that Pumpkin isn’t far away.

Pumpkin appeared at Faulkner’s Ranch last year during the final week of September, right before Pumpkin Season (hence the name).  She eventually found her way into the arms of some ranch hands who instantly fell in love with her.  They snuck her into the pony barn, where she became very comfortable greeting guests and receiving TONS of attention.  Before we knew it, she had made the ranch her home!  It wasn’t uncommon during Pumpkin Season to see her being carried around by guests all over the play area.  It was official - she owned the place!
She's great at helping sort inventory ;)
That’s when we knew it was time to make her really feel at home.  We fixed up our old chicken coop where she currently resides with her roommate, Carmie the Rabbit.  We renamed their home the “cabbit" - pretty clever, huh?

She spends her days roaming the ranch and sunning on the warm concrete.  During events she stays in her cabbit and we get her out for guests to meet her if they wish.

One of the things that we love the most about her is that she is always finding ways to make us laugh out loud - especially because we are always finding her in the most unusual places.  It’s not uncommon to open a cabinet and hear a little meow or to find her snuggled up with the plush animals in the gift shop.  She also loves to sit on our desk and stare out the windows at the birds.
If only we could teach her how to answer the phones...
The only problem we have found with Pumpkin is that she is too cute and is always posing in the most adorable ways just begging us to pick up our cameras and capture another picture of her.  It can be pretty distracting when we need to get work done!
Employee of the Month
So the next time you’re out at the ranch, be sure to ask us where Pumpkin is! She’d love to meet ya!

Have a great day, y’all!

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