Monday, June 25, 2012

Picnic Tips: Creative Ways to Serve Food

Company Picnic Season is in full swing!
Here at Faulkner's Ranch we are experts on throwing the perfect company picnic and we have plenty of picnic planning ideas for those of you in the Kansas City area.
That is why we have compiled all of our tips and tricks into this bonus series:
Picnic Planning Tips!
So far we’ve shared with you all about how to 
and given you the lowdown on 
We’ve also discussed some very important

Now that you know all about how to keep your food safe, let’s talk about the fun ways that you can serve it!

Who says that you have to use just plain old plates to serve your food? The ways that you serve food at your company picnic can let your company’s creativity shine though.
See below for some of the fun ways that you can serve your picnic meal!

1.  Frisbees
Serving your food on a frisbee has three huge benefits!  It starts out as a plate, turns into a game, and ends up as a party favor! Nothing like getting more bang for your buck.

2. Buckets and Pails
These are great for adding that rustic vibe to your party.  Just make sure that they are sanitized before any food is placed in them.

3.  Mason Jars
Just like the frisbees, these act as an awesome party favor at the end of the day!  They also serve as a unique way to store utensils.

4. Cones
Whether they be paper cones or actual ice cream cones, cones are an excellent way to serve snacks and appetizers.  Plus, they are easy to carry around!

5.  Pre-Made Veggie Cups
These treats not only look cute, but they are super functional as well! Just fill the bottom of a cup with dressing and place slices of veggies in it for a snack on the go!

6.  Using the Food Itself
Wanna get really creative! Carve a watermelon to use as a fruit bowl or carve one out to use as a drink dispenser! Your guests will be very impressed at this extra creativity!

We hope that you enjoyed these helpful picnic tips!
If you are interested in booking a picnic at Faulkner's Ranch or would like to learn more about what we offer at our Company Picnics, click here!

Have a wonderful day!

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