Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ain't No Race Like a Mouse Race!

Want to throw a party that is something your guests have never experience before?
Then have we got the idea for you!
Mouse Races!
Nope, you didn't read that wrong.  We get so excited when a client chooses to have Mouse Races at their event.  Recently Nymatt chose to have a rowdy rodent night and y'all, it was SO MUCH FUN!

Casino Parties KC by Wheelin'n'Dealin provides the mouse races.  The setup is so much fun!
Here you can see the "racetrack" and the Mouse Roulette on the big screen.

Nope, you didn't read that wrong either.
Mouse Roulette is a real thing.

One of the most hilarious parts of the night is watching what people name their mice.
Gas Passer for the win.

Speaking of the mice, here are the contestants...

Nymatt really upped the stakes with some fantastic prizes.

All in all, this was such a fun night!
Thanks to Casino Parties KC and Nymatt for the laughs!

To read more info on how mouse races work at Faulkner's Ranch, click here.

Have a great day, y'all!

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