Thursday, October 11, 2012

What Is The Story of YOUR Pumpkin? Contest

Ever since our first pumpkin season, one very special book has been read literally thousands of times by our scarecrows: The Story of Pumpkin.
This delightful fall tale, written and illustrated by Frank Fiorello, holds a special place in the hearts of everyone at Faulkner’s Ranch and Pumpkin Farm.  Not only has it been the story that we share with wide-eyed children year after year, but Frank Fiorello has become a good friend of the Faulkner’s.  Each year, Frank, a fellow pumpkin farm owner, calls Christine to talk pumpkin patches and see how many books she would like to order.
We love hearing his story of pumpkin - after all these years it never gets old!

That is why we want to know...
What is the story of YOUR pumpkin?
We want to hear your favorite pumpkin memory!
What did you do with your pumpkin once you brought it home? Did you give it a name? Did you carve it? Did you use it to make a pumpkin pie? Did you bring it home alone or did you have a whole little pumpkin famliy.
And most importantly, why does that pumpkin bring about a special memory?

Submit your story via Facebook Message or e-mail it to
The winning story will receive a copy of The Story of Pumpkin, as well as a free pumpkin to take home.
Contest is open to all ages.
Winner will be announced on Thursday, October 17th.

Good luck! We can’t wait to hear your stories!

PS - Stop by our Harvest Barn to get your own copy of The Story of Pumpkin to share and enjoy for only $8.95.

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